Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Church in Chennai

Just to clarify: Jen here. I just post the pictures and emails Summer sends. Ok, now that I made that clear, enjoy: 😜
Church was awesome! Our plan was to leave after sacrament meeting to go shopping at a mall, but we ended up having to stay for all 3 hours. Which of course ends up being a good thing! Sacrament meeting was mainly in English but one lady gave her talk purely in Tamil. We just laughed politely when everyone else laughed. One thing I've been amazed by is their speaking ability! Both of the youth speakers started off by saying they were very nervous (if the size of my congregation was doubled by strange white people I would be nervous too), but they both delivered amazing talks. I actually went to the young single adult class (since I'm one of those now) and that was fun, but we played a name game at the end and Indian names are IMPOSSIBLE to remember. In young women's a sweet little beehive taught the lesson about keeping our covenants. She had extra time at the end so she asked us to bear our testimonies, I got up and said a few quick things but nothing too exciting.

So.....my sari. I was pretty sorry I wore my sari. Lindsay's and everyone else's saris are soft and silky and wonderful, mine feels like cardboard. For some reason mine is a different type of fabric that's extremely stiff and it doesn't want to cooperate. So I was trying to tame my wild beast all day and that made our two hour bus ride there and back even more hot and miserable. But on the way home we stopped at dominos pizza, it felt so good to not eat rice for once! The employees took pictures of us because I'm sure they don't have 20+ white people walk in their store every day. 

A few days ago we took a micro grant tour of one of the leprocy colonies, it was amazing to see how much rising star had helped these people. By giving grants they allow leprocy affected families to provide for themselves as apposed to begging on the streets. I bought two paintings from a room full of incredible artists, most of them missing several fingers. My favorite painting is a scene of a woman sitting out on her porch, and I didn't hear the story behind it until after I bought it. There was a man who lived across the street from my artist and he passed away not too long ago, so in honor of him, my artist painted what he saw every day. So the woman sitting on the porch in the painting is actually the artist herself. I was able to meet her and take a picture with her! 

It's easier to eat with my fingers now, I don't know why we started eating rice with forks in the first place. I do wish I could use my left hand though. I don't think I can ever wear jeans again, the clothes here are so comfy (excluding the dreaded saris of course). 

Today I have the medical rotation and I was actually given two jobs (because I'm the coordinator's favorite;). I'm the water manager, so all of the old basins used to wash ulcers get dumped out and rinsed by yours truly. Definitely not the ideal job, especially since in this colony you have to walk the length of a football field to get fresh water. But the oiling job was already taken, I called dibs for next time! My other job is way more exciting, I get to cut off their old bandages and unwrap them, so basically I get to reveal whatever horrors await the person at the washing station. So we'll see how that goes. After that we get to visit a temple! (Not the LDS kind, the closest one of those is in Singapore).

That's all for this email, have fun doing whatever you guys do without me, probably eating out every night and watching my favorite movies. 
Love, Summer

P.S. I bought myself some delicious Parotas, and if you don't know what those are, I'm so so sorry....you're missing out. 

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