Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The real reason I'm in Fiji!

These adorable kids are the reason I am here. Keeping them healthy, safe, and happy. 
For 2 straight weeks, we will be digging, hauling cinder blocks, and building flushing toilets for this small village here. 
The sanitation here is non-existent. We are making a difference. I'm learning how to build a public restroom, plumb it, and complete it (paint, and all). 
It's a ton of hard work. By lunch time, we are ready for our daily Fijian feast. This picky eater is trying to survive. I don't do fruit or fish...their main staples. Guess I'll be trying new things!  ;)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

Having tons of fun without you!

Bula!! That's how us Fijians say hello, welcome and I love you. I'm having tons of fun without you, I hope you're super jealous. Today is Sunday for us so we had church in Suva. We got to Suva last night after a two hour boat trip and a five hour bus ride...luckily the view was amazing! Our flight to Nadi (pronounced Nandy) wasn't too bad, i actually slept a little bit. They gave us food! At first i didn't want any but then i realized it might be my last normal i ate like a starving person. We landed at 5 something in the morning Fiji time, and there were people singing to us in the airport! One amazing thing i've noticed about Fijians is they're all musical! Their singing is absolutely amazing. We had 3 breakfasts that morning...which i was super thankful for because i didn't enjoy lunch very much. Lots and lots and lots of fish.......
Waya LaiLai was sooooooo beautiful!!! That was the island we stayed on for the first few nights. The people were so super nice, every time we saw a Fijian we would say bula and they would smile all big and say it back to us. Venaka means thank you and mothe means goodbye or goodnight, just so ya know. I'm pretty much fluent by now. I'll probably come back with an accent.
Have you seen our pictures on instagram? Our resort was like camping...all the girls were in one room on bunk beds, and we had to share the bathrooms with the lizards, but they usually let us in. The showers were seriously the tiniest trickle of the coldest water i have ever felt in my life! The breakfasts were always super yummy, and sometimes there was chicken for the other meals. I did try the fish, i have pictures to prove it! So our first day was the longest day eeeevvvveeerrrrrr.....but that doesn't mean it was bad. It was awesome! We went swimming and we found a little cliff to jump off of...and we did an amazing sunset hike that was super beautiful. The next day we went snorkeling! So far my absolute biggest regret is not bringing an underwater second biggest is not bringing soap. There was no soap, anywhere. The fish were so bright and colorful! Everything was so blue, and our guide was insane! It was at least 30 feet deep in some spots and he would just casually swim down to the bottom to grap his spear, then calmly float back up....i don't know how he held his breath that long! And my ears were killing after going like 5 feet down. He got some bait to get the reefs sharks to come out. They were about 4 feet long and super awesome! One shark bit him but of course he carried on as normal. I got like 5 inches away from touching one...ugh i was SO close! Next time...
After that we went to the village with the school. The little kids were SOOO cute!!! They sang songs for us then gave us tours. My little "guide" was a cutie named Judy, she was hilarious. She would have me take pictures of her doing handstands, then she wanted to see all the pictures. We all played Little Sally Walker and Red Rover, then it was lunch. They had this mystery sausage that looked pretty sketch, but it was better than fish so i ate a bunch. On a side note, there is no ice cream bar better than a Fijian ice cream bar. Just saying.
After lunch we donated our books and toys on a little table, and i never saw Judy again because she went home for lunch. But the other little kids were there, one little boy had me give him a piggy back ride. He was super cute but i can't remember his name, it was something crazy. Lily was my favorite, she was a super shy girl we met at the very beginning and i finaly got her to talk. She held my hand and would pull me around, she was adorable. After we left the school we took a tour of the village. It's crazy to see how poor they are but they're still so happy. My time is running out...i love you guys, hope you're having fun! Remember, no disneyland or yogurtland or anything until i'm back. Mothe!


The only communication I have with
home is an occasional email and
HEFY downloaded Instagram photos.
This was our first batch:

Waiting for the boat
A local Fijian teaching us how
to properly drink a coconut
With some of the locals
I'm here!!!

Passport required!

LAX Customs
On July 23rd, I met this crazy group
 of strangers and headed off to the
beautiful islands of Fiji to do Humanitarian
work for the local villagers there. 
We left as strangers,
but became fast friends!